German Deep Tech Logo

We are an entrepreneurial holding that is focused
on building companies and scale their businesses
in entirely new ‘deep tech’ categories. Our activities
also include the bridges between technology,
architecture and arts.

Photo: German Deep Tech Headquarters

What We Do

We combine genetic, evolutionary algorithms with techniques of machine learning – solving high-dimensional, combinatorial problems that are key to future digitization process of our society and economy. This way we overcome limitations of procedural and classical algorithmic solutions. The combination of genetics and machine learning leads to solutions having for the first time concrete artificial intelligence. And it is no longer just a buzzword. It becomes IT reality.

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About Us

In partnership with the Hasso Plattner Institute for Digital Engineering (HPI), German Deep Tech has been transferring cutting-edge innovations in the field of software technology from research into marketable tech business models since 2001.

The holding helps brilliant researchers & tech pioneers to found and scale deep tech companies in order to transfer the latest technical advancements into products and services. The companies are based on methods like Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Information Cartography and Software Analytics. They make „big data“ and complex systems transparent and strategically controllable.

As a driver of innovation, German Deep Tech provides digitalisation impulses for companies, markets and people. German Deep Tech is involved in the fields of Location Intelligence, Digital Engineering, Point Cloud Analytics, Finance Analytics and Industrial Asset Management.

Our activities also include the bridges between technology, real estate and arts.